BlueSky Testimonials

"BlueSky helped me find who I am, who I want to be. And I am who I want to be because of them, because of their help. I'm worthy of being happy, of being this person."

A.L., Client

"I thought I was not able to change, that I was beyond help. And that's probably the biggest gift that BlueSky gave me: realizing that I'm not beyond help and I'm capable of change. I'm worthy of change. I'm worthy of a happy, healthy, stable life."

H.T., Client

"It's been pretty amazing, having that help and support. Many of the therapists told me I did that. It's because I've worked so hard and because I've changed so much. Because I've put the work in, and they've seen me put the work in. It's a lifelong thing that I've realized. People are going to help me. They're there for me."

J.M., Client

“The clients interviewed expressed a high level of satisfaction with the services provided by the organization and how the staff members have had impact in changing their lives.”

CARF Accreditation Survey Report, 2018

"There's always somebody that you can go to if you had a problem of any nature, whether you're at the apartment, out somewhere, or at the clinic."

F.V., Client

"They didn't judge me for tripping or falling. They just said 'come on, let's go, we're going to fight through this together."

W.S., Client