Bluesky been there for me for many years, i feel that bluesky has helped me a lot. and i would recommend bluesky for anyone that needs help not just for drugs but for many mental issues.

Karin M.

1 year ago today I checked into blue sky. I wasn't there for any type drug related treatment so I can't speak for their effectiveness for people trying to get clean; but I can tell you that when it comes to mental illness such as anxiety or depression, and you feel like you have no where to go this place could be a God Send!
My counselor happened to be the director so I'm not sure if everyone will have the same results, but if you want my advice I would have to say to take the first step and call them and when you are there tell them that you want David Moore as your therapist. He will definitely help you.
It took a lot for me to go there and leave my family for 30 days, but the anxiety got so severe that I knew something had to give. My current doctor was absolutely NOTHING compared to the team of doctors working together on me at blue sky. If you use them for mental illness I promise you won't be disappointed.
By the way the drug counselor Rob happened to be one of the nicest people I ever met so I'm sure the drug program will be comparable to the mental illness in terms of help.

Paul M.

BlueSky Helped me get my Life back!!! I checked into Bluesky right after hurricane Sandy! (About 5 years ago.) I was scared and ashamed of my drug addiction. I knew very little about drug addiction at that time. Bluesky helped me learn about drug addiction and myself. They opened my eyes to a new and better way of life. Blue sky was the beginning of this new clean journey that I'm on. I got to find myself that winter I was there. I'm so grateful for DR. Dave, Rob and the rest of Bluesky staff! I'm Still CLEAN TODAY!!!!

Anthony L.

Great program! Help change my life! I highly recommend!

Matthew P.