A Different Approach

Bi-Polar Treatment Program

BlueSky Behavioral Health, LLC provides the treatment necessary to treat Bipolar effectively while respecting the client's need for self-expression and a sense that they are not being censored by medications or therapy. The use of comprehensive services to treat Bipolar and a clear understanding of the client's needs sets BlueSky apart from other treatment facilities. BlueSky can help treat Bipolar Disorder effectively, allowing you or your loved one to move forward in their life and express their true abilities as a person.

There are different types of Bipolar Mood Disorders, including Bipolar I Disorder, Bipolar II Disorder, and Cyclothymic Disorder. The severity of these aforementioned mental health disorders goes from most to least severe as listed. Many clients with Bipolar I Disorder have been hospitalized or have gotten into trouble with the law because of intense manic states. In addition, Bipolar I Disorder may have accompanying psychotic symptoms, with the most common being paranoid delusions. Although not as intense, those with Bipolar II experience what are called hypomanic states and can find themselves experiencing significant turmoil in their lives.

Bipolar Disorder is a very serious mental health disorder, but with proper treatment can be managed effectively. In many instances, individuals with Bipolar are highly intelligent and creative but need to find the right balance in life and treatment to express their intellect and creativity without experiencing symptoms.

Clients have made comments such as, "I thought I would not be able to create poetry or music without being manic or depressed, but I have found that some of my best work has come when I am actually being treated for my Bipolar and have stability in my life. The stability has left me with the ability to reflect on my actions and integrate them into my work."

It is important that clients with Bipolar come to understand that their many strengths can be expressed while in treatment and not suppressed because they are not symptomatic.

BlueSky incorporates individual therapy and medication management into an effective treatment regimen for clients with Bipolar Disorder but goes beyond this when providing treatment. Through group therapies such as Mood Disorders Group, DBT, Dual Diagnosis Groups, Yoga, Performing Arts Group, and Creative Expressions, BlueSky looks to foster the client's abilities through a variety of avenues. The affiliated residential alternative program, ETP, also helps to confirm that clients are consistently taking their medication and will help the client communicate with clinical staff if there are concerns regarding side effects. In addition, many clients with Bipolar have co-morbid struggles with addiction. Through an in-depth understanding of dual diagnosis, BlueSky addresses the pull towards abusing drugs and alcohol that many clients with Bipolar experience.