Pouring a drink in order to stop drinking, rolling a joint to kick a pot habit, laying out a few lines of cocaine to overcome the desire to snort it. These aren’t oxymorons or acts of a fool. They are examples of a new form of therapy for chemical addiction called ERP.

ERP, or Exposure Response Prevention Therapy, reduces the cravings that trigger drug and alcohol relapses. ERP is a behavior therapy procedure that systematically exposes an addict to simulated versions of their drugs of choice and the equipment they use to prepare and consume. ERP exposes them in order to elicit powerful cravings. The addict is taught how to handle these cravings without giving into them. In this way they are exposed to their triggers but prevented from getting high. This leads to the extinction of their desire to use.

ERP therapy increases self-control and confidence which results reduces the likelihood of relapse and makes relapses that do occur easier to recover from.

ERP can be done through photo cards (using our book Kill The Craving) or with a trained therapist using simulated substances of abuse and their paraphernalia.

For more information explore our ERP partner site at https://erptherapy.com