Recovery doesn’t have just one road to success. When battling an addiction, especially to alcohol, people often heed advice that all they need to do is “attend a meeting” or “work on the Twelve Steps.” But that path may not fit for everyone. After finishing meeting with one of my clients, Matthew, at the end of his alcohol addiction treatment stay at BlueSky we had an open discussion on what he enjoyed about BlueSky’s approach and that he even felt bittersweet about needing to leave.

“Having previously attended over a hundred Alcohol Anonymous meetings and after trying out many treatment centers that were based on the Twelve Steps, I felt I was taught working the Twelve Steps is the only way to get better,” he said.

Matthew returned to BlueSky’s Enhanced Treatment Program in April of this year, after leaving in the fall of 2016, by his own admission before he was ready to return home. When I asked Matthew why he chose BlueSky again following a serious relapse, he explained he wanted to come back for “Bluesky’s holistic approach – they look at the issue as a whole and teach you there isn’t just one way out.”

Over the course of the last few months Matthew was able to work on his anxiety issues, which contributed to his alcohol abuse, as well as maintain his sobriety.

“I felt good about going back to a place that would help, and didn’t categorize me solely as an alcoholic. I like that they didn’t push me to get an A.A. sponsor or try to make me believe that A.A. was the only means of helping,” he said.

Despite Alcoholics Anonymous not being the right path to recovery for Matthew he was reassured knowing that should he decide to attend a meeting while in treatment, BlueSky had the means of getting him to and from meetings and supporting him in whichever path he chose.

Actually seeing someone making positive strides in their sobriety by utilizing BlueSky’s customized treatment steps can give hope to others in recovery. Hope that they don’t need to conform to a one-size-fits-all program to reach their goals – that someone will see where they are and meet them where they are. Sometimes, all it takes from there is a positive atmosphere and the will to succeed.


[Client names have been changed to respect their privacy]