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Are you or a loved one addicted to alcohol or harmful drugs? Are you searching for support for your anxiety, depression, BPD, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia?
BlueSky's individualized, intensive treatment programs for most mental health and addiction disorders are designed to get you or your loved one back on track and back to life.

Our Enhanced Treatment Program is a unique residential alternative, providing clients a supportive living environment to let them focus exclusively on their therapy and recovery while building the skills they need to transition back to living life well again.
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How we can help you at BlueSky Behavioral Health

We offer clinical treatment for mental health and addiction in Danbury, CT. We also offer a more immersive and personalized Enhanced Treatment Program (ETP). Our ETP program provides our clients with in-residence treatment. This program gives our clients the ability to:

  • Live somewhere that isn’t home but is a step-down from hospitalization
  • Learn to create a resume, cook, find a job, get on a schedule, etc.
  • Reach out to their life coach and therapist at any time for their support

Our Enhanced Treatment Program in Danbury, CT offers behavioral health services at a new level for our clients. If you want to speed up your recovery process and start living a healthier life, call BlueSky Behavioral Health right now at 888-822-7348.

You or your loved one can get better.

BlueSky Behavioral Health has a dedicated staff of psychiatrists, life coaches, nurses, counselors and other personnel to get you on the right track. Whether you’re seeking treatment for your mental health or addiction, you will get personalized care from our specialists. Finally break free and call BlueSky Behavioral Health today.

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