12 Step Program Resources

While BlueSky is not a 12 Step-based treatment center, we support all clients who choose to attend AA or NA programs, including assisting in transportation for our ETP clients.
The 12 Step program establishes a set of principles originally created by the co-founders of Alcohol Anonymous to provide a path to sobriety. The 12 Steps are utilized to treat many different types of addictions, including eating, gambling, sex, drugs, alcohol and a variety of emotional and mental health disorders.

The 12 steps instill abstinence from self-destructive behavior, leading to a better quality of life. The steps provide a structured experience resulting from self-awareness, repentance for harms done, spirituality, and giving back to others.

These help a member to lay out a design for living, and also builds camaraderie and a cohesive bond that enhances social skills, self-discipline, and integrity. It is an adjunct to the variety of other multi-disciplinary therapies in the recovery world. For some clients adding the 12 Steps to their treatment plan has proven to enhance the effectiveness of other treatments, and provides contact and support for the person suffering from addiction during and after treatment.