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Loss and the Holidays

With the holidays often being a time of stress and bringing back painful memories, it is necessary to bring to light the traumatic reality of loss, especially in the mental health realm. At the mere uttering of the word “suicide” many people can think of someone close to them who was successful in ending their

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Different Paths to the Same Goal

Recovery doesn’t have just one road to success. When battling an addiction, especially to alcohol, people often heed advice that all they need to do is “attend a meeting” or “work on the Twelve Steps.” But that path may not fit for everyone. After finishing meeting with one of my clients, Matthew, at the end

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BlueSky’s New Morning Program

This summer marked the start of a brand new Morning Club designed to help new members acclimate into the Enhanced Treatment Program and BlueSky Community, and as a meeting place to establish consistent morning routine that reinforces positive behaviors, and sets the tone and pace for the rest of the day. What better way to

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“I Was Going to Actually be Able to Live a Life Again”

“I wanted to get help, I just didn’t think I was going to come to a place like this. I thought I was going to come to a regular rehab and this place is completely different. After I got here, I started to realize that I was going to actually be able to live a

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Experience at BlueSky

For starters, the Enhanced Treatment Program here at BlueSky has afforded me the opportunity to channel my passions in the healthcare field by positively impacting others in a unique and dynamic way. A little over a year ago I started at BlueSky as a Mental Health Life Coach. I had little experience in working directly

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